Vienna - the city to visit when you want to feel like a princess!!! So regal, so beautiful. Castles and opera and fancy hotels and chocolates and champagne. Fancy pools and butterfly rooms and lovely gardens... Make sure you don't leave without an empress "Sissi" snowglobe!

pictured: Schonbrunn Palace (served as summer residence to various Habsburg rulers)



is about history and architecture...check out the amazing textures I captured while i was there!!! WOW!!!!!

most amazing museum ever: the jewish museum of Berlin
also had to see: the Bauhaus archives

weird vibe in this city, like you wanted to shake everyone and say "what was it like???" the war, the wall coming down....tell me!!!! everyone seems to be very mellow and it seemed to be a bit sleepy. there is a raging club scene aparently, but otherwise we found it to be a bit sleepy.

pictured: Postdamer Platz, Bombed church that they left standing, inside the jewish museum, checkpoint charlie



Off to Berlin to meet Poopah2. tubes, trains, planes and taxis. staying at the Savoy hotel which also owns the trendy K'udamm hotel which was sadly booked by the time last minute travel planning. So much to see in berlin..excited.



queued up for 2 hours, got the sticker "i queued in wimbledon." beautiful sunny. pimms and fruit were flowing. got to see the Henman match on Henman Hill...brits go wild as he pulls through in 5 sets. On to Patrova and Johanasson. Saw most of Serena Williams vs. Angela Haynes. That is one mass of a woman (serena) wow. The club was posh of course, strawberries and cream for everyone. drunk shopping at the gift shop. i had to have the pink wimbledon hat. wha? good day. good day to be unemployed in London. No glimpses of roddick or sharapova unfortunately.


Newquay surf trip

ROAD TRIP! Went with the 4 boys to Newquay (pronouced new-ki) which is the southwest shore of england. It was about a 5-hour drive on the wrong side of the road...ha. We strapped on the surf boards, grabbed some tall boys and headed out into London traffic. Thank god for the super posh lady talking us through it on the car's GPS system (it's pretty much a given here that your car comes with the gps thingy).

We camped - too funny. Never thought we'd be camping in England for some reason. We had gorgeous weather..the boys surfed I got some sun. Fistral beach was packed with surfers from all over...and of course there is a token english mansion next door. Poohpah2 and I hiked in the nearby hills.

I haven't been in London long...but it sure was nice to get out of the city and into the countryside. On the way home made a pit stop at Stonehenge(!)....really cool. It's like a calendar/ruler hut/clock/party temple/sculpture/physics experiment/astrological wonder.....hard to figure out. Too bad we were a few days earlier for the summer solstice party...I bet that's madness.


UK vs. US

What's better over here you ask? Cell phones. much cooler. so many more options. gossip mags. everywhere. on the tube, in every store, in the restaurants. beer. need i explain. they call a line, the queue. hats, they are large and obnoxious. double decker buses. excellent for people watching. fizzy fruit water..YUM. oh and tennis.

what i miss so far: the bulk pack of goodie clear bands for my hair - over here they are crap. cheap clothes. okay cheap anything. drug stores that sell an array of everything. here stores only specialize in certain things. gatorade. not that i even drank it that much.


London Calling

Hey mates. We have been in London about a week now...exploring this massive city looking for a suitable party pad for the london extension of team cool people. You can't help but damn the Bushes every second for this bloody exchange rate! It hurts real bad. Doesn't kill the fun though! The weather has been beautiful which was a big shocker - so hopefully it will be a nice hot summer.

We finally got mobiles if anyone has free international calling from work :)

Also, SKYPE online is tres cool. You can download and call anywhere for pennies!! Basically like IM but you can call anyone over the computer. A bit of a time change...but you'll get used to it.

Extremely late night drunk dialing has never been so convenient for you ....