a bbq and a serenade

My lil bro gave us a teeny bbq for a wedding gift. We were so excited!!! Granted this bbq would be laughed out of the U.S. of A. Ha....just thinking of it placed outside a giant american home makes me giggle. And it's charcoal for god's sakes. An ancient thing of the past in the states.

Anyhoo...this teeny bbq fits perfectly on our teeny terrace. along with a few camping chairs (pete again) and our landlady's giant ratin chair. the princess chair. poohpah2 grilled up some mean chicken today. the terrace is so small- the only place to sit is just outside the door. So we left the door open and our teeny appartment was quite smokey..hehe. i'm sure all the neighbors ran to close their windows too when we lit that baby up. when our friends arrived they told us they could smell us cooking from down the road...ha.

We love the lil terrace though and our funky notting hill "garden flat"... it's nice to sit outside on a cool summer evening, and it's lovely when our Italian neighbor serenades us from his window above. I think if we trimmed the tree a little - maybe we could fit more than 4 people out there...


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