BOMBED (the first time)

Second day in the new place...and my brother calls. He was on his way into the city when the O.C. surfer boy called him to tell him there had been reports of bombs in the subway. Poohpah 2 was on the tube on his way to work!!! I called him immediately and he was okay. Then my brother tells me he is catching a bus. The next report I heard was a bus had been blown up. Can't get in touch with anyone cell phones are down.

The news takes about 30 minutes to get on the BBC. A far cry from FOX news panic alerts. The BBC is wary to call it terrorism. Blair and Bush make a statement from the G8. It's terrorism, of course. The city is mad...all shut down. Those poor people....your last moments commuting to work and then killed by random people mad at your government for a war you probably didn't support anyway. Makes me sooo angry!!!!


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