We scheduled to go to Italy for a work/play trip. We will visit the ST italian sector, ennio, and he will show us around.


We arrive in Treviso (first time on Ryan Air - whoa - worse than southwest) and head straight to the Villa Revedin. Ennio has given us a night there for our wedding. We have a huge room!!! 25x30 or something. We go to the adjacent wine bar where there is a disco - 80's music. Mostly american tunes. We drink grappa. Next day, we drive to the Dolmites, part of the Alps, to Cortina a posh european ski resort town surrounded by huge peaks. Ahhh...we miss summer in the mountains! It's wonderful up there. Poohpah2 rowed us around a turquoise lake. Dinner at the villa...amazing sea food, serving after serving. More Prosecco please, I'm loving it. Ennio's wife bought us little pins to remember the day...our venetian friends are too much!


The next day we tour the rolling hills and vineyard's of Prosecco land. We lunch upon a hill overlooking the vineyards and are served the largest piece of meat we have ever seen (and for american's this is crazy!). It feeds 4 of us. After lunch, a tour of Treviso and on to a traditional fishing village on the coast, Carole. This little town is so charming. We walk by the sea at sunset. Later, we watch performances in the town square and top off the day with a delicioso pizza and beer. Poohpah2 and I head to Venice the next day just the two of us. It's hot and crowded with summer tourists, but Venice is always so unique. I feel at home surrounded by water. The boats here are gorgeous. The Westin, Lido (yes, honeymoney once again) is a fabulous old school euro resort.
It got famous for it's film festival in the 50s and 60s. Greta Garbo and Liz Taylor pictures line the walls. The beaches are lines with little corchettes (i think you call them) and can be rented for the day at crazy prices. But these little huts are phat! They have full on bars and beds in them. Definitely would be great for a group. We got our one day of lounging on the beach and floating in the Adriatic sea out of our system. Tons of americans here - we are not used to that. We took a sunset ride in a beautiful boat to San Marco square where we had dinner and drinks. Def. going on my top 10 most romantic things to do list. Thank you to Ennio for a great trip. Too bad we had to leave. Ciao. Ciao.


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You were the next BLOG that appeared when I clicked the "next blog" button on my brand new blog, so then I read your Blog and then saw that you too were a Capricorn, and decided I was going to comment on yuor entry in support of our mutual astrological sign, so you would in turn read my blog entries (I'm new without many readers)but as usual, I got sidetracked writing all of this, and never really commented on your entry...um...Italy seems nice...um...

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