After queueing up like a couple of Brits, waiting patiently for hours in an organized line when in actuality was no line and we could have walked right up to the front of the crowd.... We entered Hyde Park at 2pm, the precise moment that Bono appeared across 8 gigantic screens. Then Paul McCartney appeared. The magnitude of the event suddenly hit us. I started to feel prickles on my skin. To start a show with billing like that is not something we are used to. We were dumbstruck – how can it get better than this? And then we were broad-sided by an incredible sea of pasty white, rosy-cheeked people, all bobbing around and screaming. Ahh, I knew there must be a catch. We kinda stood there dumbstruck for a moment, I hesitated and shorty Poohpah1 took off head long into the mob, and I had no choice but to follow. It was a 800 Meters (look it up my American friends, the day will come sooner than you may think) to the stage, we bumped an bullied our way to the front only to find that there was a ring around the stage where the “gold tickets” had lawn carpets, full bar and table service. We couldn’t get any closer, so we had to settle near the front of the outer ring.

Not that I’m complaining, this was an event that defines events for years to come. Who wouldn't bring up Woodstock or the first Lalapolooza in conversation if they were there. “ Like, the time I saw widespread live at the copper mine in the rain” Nope this was way cooler, REM at the FOX? Not even close. Willie Nelson at Sundance…….Not the same. So, like I said this is an epic show, we were bombarded by kick acts, all brought together for a great cause. Yeah! I’m buying into this save Africa thinking. I was great everybody was buying in. People were madly texting their name to be a part of this thing. Poohpah1 and I did it. We were loading up on the kool-aid man. Bono’s preaching to us, then Will Smith live from Philly, next chills from Annie Lennox. Dido chimes in with a mantra we can all sing along to. Elton John banging home the same message, the Killer’s (yeah Utah!), REM, my fav. ColdPlay Rocked, and told us we have responsibilities, Man coldplay was awesome. Madonna, Brad Pitt, Travis, Keane, Sting, the WHO, Pink Floyd (together for the first time in 18 years). Wow, there will never be another line up like this.

And there were more, lots more and they all sounded incredible because we were there with all those people and we were there to help Africa. Listen George and Tony and all you G8 members to all of us and Kofi Anon. We want to help! We stood there shoulder to shoulder with our fellow, free ticket holders, screaming and clapping and dancing. Poohpah1 got on my shoulders and we danced. We couldn’t move or risk never getting back to our choice spot behind the mixing booth. We couldn’t leave to pee, get food or sit down. It was still amazing. Then I had to listen to Joss stone and Mariah, I was pretty dead after waiting in line for two hours and standing, and dancing, for another 8 hours.

Then – “the British POP icon” Robbie Williams came on stage…….”The” British Pop Icon he’s bigger than the Spice girls, and the Monkeys (were they British?). The place went ballistic, and we were revved up again. By far the biggest roars of the night, for this former boy band member. Timberlake’s got nothing on the Robster.

We watched all the videos intently as scenes flashed of baby African’s searching for their daily food with Bush, Schoeder, Chirac masks on. In between the acts in London, we saw cities around the world feeling the same vibe, drinking the same kool-aid. It was world wide…….and we were a part of it, part of the millions of people dreaming of making the world better. I am still amazed at the number of people there, the dedication of people camping peeing in cups, and eating bad hamburgers to be there.

And I am still dedicated to making a difference for the impoverished. But by the time Pink Floyd arrived on stage, we could not stand any longer. We sat in the back on the grass and took in the spectacle of Pink Floyd reunited. We left before the finally and cruised home in exhaustion. Don’t know if it made poverty history…but I think it made pretty good music history. POSTED BY POOHPAH2.


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