Parks & Pigeons

It's so nice just to stroll around London... It's so big that you could live here for years and never see all the interesting nooks and crannies (and some of the nooks are better left secret). Lately, the weather has been perfect for the mid-day-post rain shower- amble through gardens and parks. Yesterday we went to the enormous Regents park in the center of London. The flowers were so beautiful, the largest rose garden we have ever seen that smelled amazing! And tons of giant purple thistles. There were loads of multicultural weddings going on - i think african, so colorful and rhythmic with the drums. Also, there was an Indian wedding party taking pictures, beautiful flowing saris. We had a picnic with kiki and choupi and took a nap, ahhh leisure time in the big city.

Today we decided it was time for some exercise and ran down to explore a park closer to home, Holland Park... with fountains and arboretums everywhere, it makes you wonder who pays for the gardening. The 42 acres used to belong to Lord Holland. He still sits there by his pond while the pigeons sit on his head. Not the type of reverence I hope to receive in my absence. (posted by poohpa2)


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