Cows in France go "MEU"

After a narrowly escaping the Gendarme (poohpah2 had to pay them off to avoid jail) admist yelling our heads off at each other... we arrived in Normandie.

Near Pont l'Eveque - a town named after a cheese or visa versa. The land of sparkling cider (yes, 6% alcohol) and calvados, not wine. Amazing food thanks to our dear hosts....the most wonderful croissants and bread we have ever had, those ones at the supermarket simply won't do anymore.
*You have to buy bread fresh every day or it will go soft.
*NEVER use the bread knife to cut cheese.
Moules and frites is my new favorite meal! You get up and go to the market every morning for fresh food, you take a break for a "proper" lunch and then you are not hungry till dinner. Beautiful countryside, friends that live in castles, picturesque villages and traditional architecture with thatched roofs...so lovely! Poohpah2 and I are thinking of purchasing a small traditional old home there with lots of trees inside, a 4th home, yes, yes.......


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