Tea Time

Living amongst the world's second biggest tea drinkers...I've learned a few useful tricks of the trade.

* Always use freshly drawn cold water; then warm the teapot.

* It is better to have the chilled milk massed at the bottom of the cup, awaiting the stream of hot tea. This allows the milk to cool the tea, rather than the tea ruinously raise the temperature of the milk. This can cause milk curdling.

English prefer the english breakfast tea almost always and you are hard pressed to find an array of herbal teas as we are used to. It's best with milk and a bit of sugar. Esp. if beautifully presented with lovely little sandwiches, sweets and scones. On the scones, you are supposed to smear on the butter (or clotted cream) and jam...yum. If you come visit, I promise to take you to tea! Ritz anyone?


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