What you're missing on the BBC

our new favorite show. it's a spectacle, yes (ooo..good pun). the guy has even written a book!
But you can't help liking Danny Wallace in "How to start your own country" on BBC2. it's a reality tv type show that follows this 27-year old guy who looks like he was one of the proclaimers (a self quote) as he meets with royalty and groups like the SAS (second amendment sisters in the US) to figure out how to properly build his country. Yes, he is King and it is located in his flat in east London. The kid even went to Pentagram to get his country "branded." A proper flag and coat of arms and a name which hasn't been decided on yet. It's subtlety educational (did you know the UK has no formal written constitution?) while pointing out the differences between leaders and the way the do things (more like question why they do the things they do..) War and guns are banned of course in his country and there are dance moves to his national anthem! Check it out for yourself: http://www.citizensrequired.com/lmg/site/index.shtml


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