The Big Easy

Mourning the unfathomable disaster caused by Katrina to my favorite city in the world, my homeland. To see the city streets splashed on front pages of The Sun and The Evening Standard here in London just makes me hyperventilate from the stress....

I feel helpless...I should be home.

Everyone is safe so far. But their homes, their lives, jobs...schools....weddings. How will they transplant and continue? Even my family on the outskirts has no power, no food, no contact with the outside world. My mother said it is as bad as a nuclear disaster....

I want new orleans BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Em said...

Please send my thoughts & prayers to neetsy & johnny, Pete, Bonnie, Joe, MM.... And you hang in there too, Walks! It will be ok! xoxo

1/9/05 7:33 pm  

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