Italian Design wins Gold

Now that we have successfully rambled on in this blog for about 8 months on and off...it's probably about time we stick with some sort of theme. It was originally supposed to be a personal diary for us to share our deep thoughts, then we quickly realized how fast blogs get shared and that we WANTED to share our stories, so then it was a method of keeping our friends and family abreast of our experiences on our year abroad. But even that gets old, and people get tired of reading....So I think now it just needs a purpose. Travel & design seem to be two dominant themes. So should we just stick to that? But then how in depth do we get into travel? I personally am obsessed with hotels and meals if you haven't noticed, so I tend to stick to those topics...

So to quip on Design for a minute, I have to give props to Italy for hosting a Super Fantastic Winter Olympics!! Those silver coats! Those FABULOUS medals with the hole in the middle! And not to mention the beautiful carved faces and bodies of the Italian athletes! Passion lived there for sure. I was glued to the tele for the two-week ride, a perfect activity for the middle of winter, I will miss having something decent to watch on tv! We are still wondering why we didn't make the trek to Torino....

Year of the Dog

Welcome Year of the Dog from London's Chinatown. Dragons, drums and good food fill the streets....and we had to partake in the good time!

Quest for Bouillabaisse

When someone tell you that you are having bouillabaisse in the city that made it famous, Marseille, France...whatever you do, don't have a large 4 course lunch and load up on wine, coffee and dessert. OMG - the food in France is just too much! So there we were stuffed to the gills at the "best" restuarant and starring down into a wonderfully large bowl of about 4 types of seafood swimming in a rich & dark broth. Mmm...heaven but true torture to try and finish it all. And the entree (which is appropriately is what the French call the starter) a stuffed sea urchin with this wonderful creamy aioli like inside. MMMMMmmmmm.....it tops my list of best meals! Thanks guys.

The Party is Over

Wow. 30. Seriously, how did that happen?

Luckily, I have the best husband in the world and it was christmas/bday was spent in Paris right by the Champs Elysee on the lovely George V. The room was so wonderful and oh so french with it's blue and white toile wallpaper...and we were sooo happy just to be together (after a 3 month hiatus for me NY), it was hard to leave the room. We arrived on a cold Christmas day, but it was nice. Pretty quiet as most Parisians head out to the country side for the holidays. The champs Elysee was brilliantly lit at night and the stark bare trees added to a beautiful winter sky. We walked all the way down to the Louvre in the early evening.

The weather added to my mood, as it is a bit serious, time stands still for a moment as you reflect over the last decade, then it is quite and peaceful as you realize you are in another state emotionally when you turn 30. However, by the time the champagne and bordeaux were flowing that evening I was wiping away my tears (apparently now some sort of birthday tradition as I get older) slurring how the "Party is Over" no telling how many times to poohpah2. But the next day all was forgotten and life goes on to the next adventure. A long car ride with our dear friends Kiki & Frog. We were wisked away heading into the snowy mountains to Embrun, a tiny town in the French Alps. There we would spend a week with Kiki's whole family from Spain, their friends from Columbia, and more cousins from France. We were going to be the token Americans..but looking forward to it! Take a look at a few typical scenes from the week....sitting around the fire while Kiki's dad slowing carves jambon serrano (a leg of pork with the hoof still attached mind you), poohpah2 takes a try on the sled, I set a fabulous table for New Years (under severe pressure from the lady of the house), and ski time on the local hill!! Other delicies were the Vin Chaud available after every lift and the wonderful tartiflette a yummy potato and cheese casserole.

good vocab: font du ski (cross country skiing), télésiege (chair lift), station (base lodge at the resort)