The Party is Over

Wow. 30. Seriously, how did that happen?

Luckily, I have the best husband in the world and it was christmas/bday was spent in Paris right by the Champs Elysee on the lovely George V. The room was so wonderful and oh so french with it's blue and white toile wallpaper...and we were sooo happy just to be together (after a 3 month hiatus for me NY), it was hard to leave the room. We arrived on a cold Christmas day, but it was nice. Pretty quiet as most Parisians head out to the country side for the holidays. The champs Elysee was brilliantly lit at night and the stark bare trees added to a beautiful winter sky. We walked all the way down to the Louvre in the early evening.

The weather added to my mood, as it is a bit serious, time stands still for a moment as you reflect over the last decade, then it is quite and peaceful as you realize you are in another state emotionally when you turn 30. However, by the time the champagne and bordeaux were flowing that evening I was wiping away my tears (apparently now some sort of birthday tradition as I get older) slurring how the "Party is Over" no telling how many times to poohpah2. But the next day all was forgotten and life goes on to the next adventure. A long car ride with our dear friends Kiki & Frog. We were wisked away heading into the snowy mountains to Embrun, a tiny town in the French Alps. There we would spend a week with Kiki's whole family from Spain, their friends from Columbia, and more cousins from France. We were going to be the token Americans..but looking forward to it! Take a look at a few typical scenes from the week....sitting around the fire while Kiki's dad slowing carves jambon serrano (a leg of pork with the hoof still attached mind you), poohpah2 takes a try on the sled, I set a fabulous table for New Years (under severe pressure from the lady of the house), and ski time on the local hill!! Other delicies were the Vin Chaud available after every lift and the wonderful tartiflette a yummy potato and cheese casserole.

good vocab: font du ski (cross country skiing), télésiege (chair lift), station (base lodge at the resort)


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