Things the Japanese have perfected:
1) The bathroom handdryer. Wow. It actually works.
2) The electric toilet with a button for: the wet wipe, the bidet, the seat warmer, the flushing 'sound' (which can last up to a minute!) All this and I still couldn't figure how to actually flush the toilet...
3) The use of the fan in 95+ degree temperature. Everyone is carrying one. You can't survive without it!
4) The vending machine! Anything you want to drink, whenever you want it. It's so magical. (6 million in Tokyo)
5) Recycling is so common place - it's not even considered anymore. 'Kyoto accord'
6) The art of having a 'clean' city. it's a truly amazing thing...the streets, the subways, the parks.
7) Bullet trains. Domestic travel should be fast and efficient! However, they were not as 'cush' as I had imagined. they could use a refresh.

What's out:
sunglasses, no one is wearing them
blond hair
flip flops - just not done

Must have accessories:
beautiful dainty umbrellas that shelter from the sun
sweat hankies
UV hats
and of course...kimonos


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