Tsukiji Fish Market

Due to jet lag...we were up early and decided to check out the fish market. One of the largest in the world, billions of US dollars worth of fish pass through this market every day. It's truly amazing all the wonders that come out of the world's oceans! Or should I say depleting oceans. The size, color and texture of it all was so fascinating I forgot about the fishy smell.... After an hour of cruising around looking at giant tunas, squids and unidentifiable creatures....it was time for breakfast of champions...raw fish. In stall 6 rumored to be the best sushi in tokyo..we found ourselves in line with this guy from LA who manages Daniel Powder, and was out for a summer rock festival. Random! You don't order, the sushi just starts coming....10 pieces and then a roll. But it was the freshest fish (okay obviously) we have ever had...YUM. Tried cod row for the first time, after we figured out what the hell 'codrow' was in japanese accent. Hehe....


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