Mexico City - what you may not know is that Mexico DF is know for it's architecture and design. It's a city with many faces, it's posh and dilapidated at the same time. New is pushing out the old everywhere, but in an thoughtful redesign incorporating the best of each era. Oil money is flowing in Mexico and it shows. The once dangerous streets are now fancy shopping districts. Tourists should still be vigilant, but its not the intimidating place that everyone makes it out to be. The food is excellent. Try the Costa del Mare for the best tuna tostada ever!! maybe the best tuna ever, and in a land locked Mexican city. We had Mexican sushi several times, spicy rolls and miso. Jalapeños in everything - Mmmm tasty. Pujole was great for high class fusion cuisine.....foam of quesadilla anyone? It tasted just like a cheese filled corn tortilla, how do they do it? And make sure you stop at one of the taquerias.


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